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Full Throttle Speed RevX245 Turbo Buick V6 Rotating Assembly (245 CID with 3.810
Full Throttle Speed RevX245 Turbo Buick V6 Rotating Assembly (245 CID with 3.810

Full Throttle Speed RevX245 Turbo Buick V6 Rotating Assembly (245 CID with 3.810") Bore Size

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Full Throttle Speed RevX245 Turbo Buick V6 Rotating Assembly (245 CID with 3.810") Bore Size


We like to keep up with the times and advancements here at FTS so in line with that thinking we have made a new version of our popular Turbo Buick V6 Stroker kit.

The first thing we did was shorten up the stroke on our 4340 forged crankshaft a bit to 3.590". -- This gives us an engine that’s about 2 cubic inches smaller than the usual 3.625" stroke. Although smaller, this however offers us a number of benefits: it is stronger due to having more material between the rods, it is easier to balance, more room to the block and camshaft so less clearancing is needed and a more favorable ability to make a better rod and piston combo.

Next the connecting rod; we love Molnar Technologies Connecting rods.When I spoke to Tom about this project and what my goals were he was quick to agree to make us a new rod that is 6.100 in length with a better beam than the excellent ones he makes now. He is a big supporter of the Buick V6 platform and a master rod designer. The slightly shorter rod gives us less dwell time on the piston which helps in the detonation area and less weight too. It also allowed us to really refine the piston design.

We have a long standing relationship with Diamond Pistons. They are an undisputed leader in piston design. On this all new piston we were able to move the ring package down to give us a stronger dome. Because of the shorter rod length the wrist pin is not up in the oil grove so support rails are not needed this is a much better set up for street cars and longevity. We have used their best alloy and the technology from their “2K” line of 2000 horsepower pistons that are taking over the LS scene. They are set up to make 10-1 compression, the thinking here is for guys using E85 or Alky injection, this is a big advantage that goes in line with what most platforms are doing to make big power.

Another change we made from customer feedback was to eliminate the valve reliefs. While I personally didn’t have a problem there many of our customers thought that was a weak point in the piston design and we listen to our customers. If you want them we can add them for a small fee but you will lose a bit of compression. These pistons come with a severe duty .205 wall H13 wrist pin and the Stainless AP ring set only. They were made to be the best and the best is what they got. There is less expensive options for rotating assemblies but if you want the best quality with the most strength (other than extremely expensive billet cranks and things) with the most horsepower potential of any off the shelf assembly this is it. We are very proud to offer this product it is the result of many months of work by a lot of people from a few of our partners.

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