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GN1 Performance Crankshaft
Molnar Technologies 5.960 Rods
Diamond Racing Pistons 2618 Forging
  • SKU: 001-41ROTATEKIT

FTS Turbo Buick V6 4.1L Severe Duty Rotating Assembly (Stock Stroke 3.400")

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Turbo Buick V6 4.1L Rotating Assembly w/ Internal Balance Stock Stroke Crankshaft


  • GN1 Performance 4340 3.400" Internal Balance Crankshaft
  • FTS 4.1L Diamond Racing Pistons & Total Seal Ringset
  • Molnar Technologies 5.960" Forged Connecting Rods

Our off-the-shelf kit features everything you need to rebuild your engine to forged, high power, street and race specifications. For custom pistons and coating please call us or leave comments when you place your order.

NOTES: We may need block specifics and deck heights prior to ordering pistons, to be sure that your pistons are exactly what you need.

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