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1986-1987 Buick V-6 Turbo (Grand National, T-Type, Turbo T)  Angled Breather for Aftermarket Valve Covers
  • SKU: 505-MBR0014

1986-1987 Buick V-6 Turbo (Grand National, T-Type, Turbo T) Angled Breather for Aftermarket Valve Covers

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Universal Push-In Breather for Aftermarket Valve Covers

Angled Stand For Level Filter

This valve cover breather assembly is modeled after the popular Metco breathers designed for factory valve covers, but this unit fits aftermarket valve covers with the standard 1.22" breather hole.  This particular breather is similar to the MBR0010, which is the angled breather for the Buick Regal turbo application, but this unit will fit the popular aftermarket valve covers such as those from T/A Performance and Champion.

The angle machined into the top of the breather base that positions the filter element is approximately 35*.  This angle makes these breathers suitable for many other applications in which a level filter is desired, such as small and big block Chevrolet, and others.

Like all Metco breathers, the base is CNC-machined from billet aluminum for precise fit, and then microfinished for surface protection and good looks.  The removable filter element is a high-quality reusable unit from S & B Filters, which is retained in the filter base by the specially-machined retention groove at the top of the base.  The serrations (not threads) machined in to the base of the breather ensure an air-tight, leak-free seal with the grommet in the valve cover.

The purpose of this valve cover breather is to vent unwanted accumulation of pressure in the crankcase, and to provide maximum circulation of ambient air in the crankcase to reduce oil temperatures.  The installation of this breather will contribute to increased engine oil life and reduce the possibility of failed engine seals resulting from excessive crankcase pressure.  This breather will reduce the effectiveness of the vehicle's PCV system, and it is not emissions-legal.

Kit includes (1) billet breather stand, (1) S & B Filter element, and (1) rubber valve cover grommet.

Note:  This valve cover breather is also available in a configuration to fit the factory driver's side valve cover on the 1986-1987 Buick Regal Turbo.  Please see PN MBR0010 listed elsewhere in this section.

Valve cover breathers cannot be shipped to the state of California.

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