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Champion Racing Heads Aluminum 14 Bolt Cylinder Heads for 1986-87 Buick V6 Engines
Champion Racing Heads Aluminum 14 Bolt Cylinder Heads for 1986-87 Buick V6 Engines
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Champion Racing Heads Aluminum 14 Bolt Cylinder Heads for 1986-87 Buick V6 Engines

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From the all-out competitor to the performance street enthusiast the Champion GN1 aluminum head is the preferred choice. In 1990 we had a goal. Produce an aluminum cylinder head for the Buick V-6 turbo that was superior in both performance and affordability than anything on the market. In 2002 more than a decade after establishing this goal the Champion GN1 head has achieved this many times over. With hundreds of heads in service the GN1 head is a proven winner. The GN1 head is precision cast from 356-T6 Aluminum Alloy. The aluminum castings are machined in our facility on a state of the art CNC machining center. This provides us with complete control of the quality and machine scheduling to assure the finest quality product possible and to have product in stock at all times. Custom-built machining fixtures allow the majority of machined elements to be completed in one setup thus maximizing the accuracy and consistency of their location. Research and development is another key element in Champions on going commitment to a product that leads the competition. After extensive testing, changes that are found to enhance the performance of the GN1 head can be incorporated into the product almost immediately. The in house R&D and manufacturing teams work together to bring new innovative ideas to market as soon as possible. 

Special Machining Features Include:

  • CNC machined 46cc combustion chambers for consistent volume and shape.
  • Precision mill bored valve guide bores provide fine surface finish for optimum heat transfer.
  • Radii on head bolt spot faces to reduce stress risers that can lead to cracking.
  • Thread milled spark plug ports assure consistent precision fit to plugs.
  • Precision milled finish on all gasket surfaces.
  • CNC contour machined multi angle valve seats provide superior geometry, roundness, and surface finish.

Key design features for the GN1 heads:

  • Valves are moved closer to cylinder bore centerline to unshroud valves for more flow.
  • Spark plugs are moved closer to cylinder bore center for improved combustion
  • Special combustion chamber shape for maximum efficiency.
  • Large 1.900" intake and 1.600" exhaust valves.
  • High flow as cast intake and exhaust ports.
  • Accepts stock rocker arms and stock valve covers.
  • Lightweight compared to cast iron head.

Champion GN1 aluminum heads will accommodate stage I or stage II blocks and three different rocker arm configurations. They are available as complete assembled units or fully machined bare castings. On the track or the street the Champion GN1 Aluminum head for the turbo V-6 is an excellent choice.

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