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Revolution X
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Revolution X "XR3" Hydraulic Roller Camshaft 216-220 'Our Hot Street-Strip Cam' for 1986-87 Turbo Buick Engines

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Revolution X "XR3" Hydraulic Roller Camshaft 216/220 'Our Hot Street/Strip Cam' for 1986-87 Turbo Buick Engines

Times change, Parts get better Turbos get better and converters get better. We always make sure we advance with the times. This is a big upgrade to the 210/215.

Expect stronger power throughout the RPM range. Better ramp design for better cylinder filling. Excellent choice for a fast street car with good ported iron heads or aluminum heads. Really good in a street stroker build 2800-6200 RPM suggested range.

  • · Intake 216 @ .050 .535 lift
  • · Exhaust 220 @.050 .541 lift
  • · Lift is measured with stock size ratio 1.55:1 rockers.
  • · 113 Lobe Separation (LSA) (installs at 109)
  • · Stock or 1.55 or 1.60 Roller rockers. 1.65 Requires custom springs
  • · Billet core available for extra charge
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