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Revolution X
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Revolution X "XR5" Turbo Buick 214-214 Hydraulic Roller Camshaft

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Revolution X "XR5" Turbo Buick 214/214 Hydraulic Roller Camshaft

This is a high intensity camshaft with very fast ramps and higher lift. It is for the guys who want to make the max power but still keep the RPM’s within reason. It is offered with fully ported heads, big turbos and high stall non-lock converters in mind. We used to run this cam in our old TSS setup with great success. It requires a stronger valve spring (PAC1219) that we will offer in the kit when this cam is selected. Roller rockers and at least iron heads are required-- 1.55 ratio is best for most applications; 1.65 ratio is not recommended.

Technical Information: 
Intake Duration 214 @ .50 
Exhaust Duration 214 @ .50 
.547 lift with 1.55 rockers 
.565 lift with 1.60 rockers 
.583 lift with 1.65 rockers

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