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STM Powersports 2016-2017 Team Arctic Cat Primary Supertip Cam Arms, Many Options!

STM Powersports 2016-2017 Team Arctic Cat Primary Supertip Cam Arms, Many Options!

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These are designed for the wide roller team primary in the Arctic Cat snowmobiles.

New improved profile that provides a harder up shift than the Original Supertips. We are very pleased with testing results on the race track and chassis Dyno this past season.  We found faster ETs along with an added + 3hp to the track during Dyno tuning. An excellent choice for drag racing or aggressive trail riding.

Available in 40, 50, 60 and 72 gram increments with the capacity of adding 32 grams per arm for adjustment.  This design allows the option of adding a large quantity of weight to three different areas on both sides of the cam arm to create the shifting characteristics you desire.  Each arm can be assembled with tungsten and steel washers that can be used in various combinations to achieve the desired operating RPM.  The Supertips will fit all primaries.  They will also fit the Arctic Cat large pin primaries and have set screw for securing them.  Our tungsten washers weigh 7 grams each. There is no other arm on the market that allows this wide range of adjustment.

Supertips are a drop-in piece that requires no modifications to your primary.

Our fastener kit comes with the following hardware:

Supplied per arm:

  • 2   - tungsten inserts - 7 grams each
  • 18 - washers - 1 gram each
  • 4   - O-rings
  • 12 - M3 x 6 long screws 
  • 2   - set screws 

Supplied per Kit: 

  • 1 - 222 Loctite - 1ml 
  • 1 - T-10 Torx Driver 
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