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STM Rage Snowmobile Primary Clutch HD 8.75
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STM Rage Snowmobile Primary Clutch HD 8.75"-9.5

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Available for all oem tapered crankshafts. Available in several diameters.  Also available in a screw on or quick change spider.  Rigid reinforced design for higher horsepower applications. The Rage primary is capable of using any cam arm on the market.  We have incorporated a pin size option for every clutch we make by providing a pin conversion design in the moveable sheave.  Pin conversions are available in 1/4, 5/16 fixed pin (arctic cat) and 8mm diameters (specify when ordering). The cover is designed to use Skidoo TRA, Arctic Cat or Polaris springs providing a wide variety of spring rates to choose from. Each clutch assembly comes with assembly - disassembly tools.


All new unique design that will hold the belt on high horsepower applications.  The concept of this design is to provide an improved amount of force to the belt approximately for the first 1/2 to 3/4 of the belts shift and then release the force, once the vehicles momentum is established.  This design solves the biggest problem that all racers face from years past-- belt slip and over reving during hard acceleration.  Problem solved, Hang on!  The way it works: All  cam arms engage at the same time providing over twice the amount of force to the belt.  Once the movable sheave has shifted 1/2 to 3/4 of its now adjustable shift the supplemental cam arms sign off due to centrifugal force that holds them suspended above the movable sheaves rollers.  This allows the  main cam arms to finish the shift and acquire the proper operating rpm.  We can now change and control the total shift in two ways.  First is by adding more mass to the supplemental arms and secondly by changing the supplemental roller diameters. Yes its that simple.  By decreasing the roller diameter the supplemental arms let go of the shift earlier and by increasing the roller diameter the supplemental arms shift longer before release.  During testing we discovered that by increasing the roller diameter by .125" at one time, the initial over revving during hard acceleration would drop 500 rpm with no change in engagement rpm.  This option is so simple but yet effective by just a 10 minute roller change.  Uses any cam arm available on the market utilizing our retrofit pin design.  The  first stage cam arms will be provided with the Rage (second stage cam arms sold separately).  They will be capable of adding additional weight for adjusting that killer hole shot.  Also a set of three different size rollers will be provided.
Item number 92-10 primary clutch holding tool is required when removing or installing the screw on spider. Works on all STM primary clutch's. Sold separately.

When ordering use this guide to help you pick options

Choose style - This is what rage clutch you want, Rage 4 is your basic replacement clutch, Rage 6 and 8 are the patented dual stage clutch

Choose a year – let us know what year your sled is so we can make sure all the clutch components, bolt, puller, etc. are correct

Choose make – what is the make? This also helps us to make sure you are getting the right components

Enter your model – tell us what model you have, this assures you are getting the right offset and taper any extra info helps like (2 stroke or 4 stroke)

Choose a spider – pick what spider you want screw on or quick change. If you are getting this clutch for a trail sled we recommend you get the screw on style, the quick change is more for the drag racer. Quick change is not reccomended for trail use, Ski-Doo or Yamaha Vipers. 

Choose a taper – if you know what taper your crank has choose that taper if not try and look it up or call a dealer

Choose a diameter – choose your desired diameter keep in mind anything over 8-1/2 diameter is considered HEAVY DUTY and the price is increased.

Choose a pin kit – you will need to pick one of the pin kits listed for the style of weights you are going to use. 

If unsure with requirements please call in your order.

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