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TurboTweak Buick SD2 Chip

TurboTweak Turbo Buick SD2 Chip, Speed Density - On Demand Tuning

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The NEW SD2 Chip! This is the latest v1.2 with flexfuel capability.

The SD2 chip is for more advanced tuners that fulliy understand engine dynamics. YOU will be tuning it, and it will need to be tuned. It comes with a basic startup tune to get you going. You must have a Powerlogger installed and a MAP sensor connected to the Powerlogger (normally a 3-Bar MAP, but others can be used). It allows the MAF to be removed and allows closed loop wideband operation at all times (if a wideband is connected to the Powerlogger). This chip uses speed density calculations to calculate airflow and fuel. It has many adjustments that allow you to fine tune. Works with the Powerlogger to allow access to VE and spark tables, and live tuning!

I recommend reading through the instructions, and making sure you understand them, before purchasing this chip.

Here's a link to the current instructions: 
SD2 Instructions

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