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by Mike Licht on May 18, 2022

I am proud to tell the Turbo Buick community that Full Throttle Speed will have a completely new turbocharger option available soon!

 A new company is stepping up! While it’s a new company some of the names might be familiar to you. Harry Hruska, who is the man who arguably was instrumental in the great turbo revolution and the founder of both Precision Turbo and HPL Lubricants has been quietly working on a new project called HPT Turbo. In the early years, the Turbo Buick community was very important to the success of Precision Turbo. That loyalty has not been forgotten so the Buick V6 guys will not be forgotten now!

With that in mind, I have some prototype turbos in my hands now and they are most impressive! All of these turbochargers are ball-bearing with investment cast stainless steel turbine housings and a modernized compressor cover.

  • Large diameter dual turbine piston ring for oil and gas seal
  • Stronger shaft wheel weld joint for durability
  • Improved turbine wheel and compressor wheel aerodynamics!
  • Updated turbine housing to maximize the inlet and outflow
  • Compressor cover is modernized to efficiently process the increased flow!
  • Modernized iron bearing housing with an integral back plate to resist back plate deflection under heavy loads!

These turbochargers have been designed for increased reliability and improved performance resulting in a longer warranty to the customer!

This is the next generation of Turbo Buick performance! These will have compressor covers with speed sensor ports already machined in, v-band options and a few other things you will love; but I will tell you about that later! We can’t let all the surprises out just yet… (How about a place near the 3 bolt flange to add an external gate if you want a bolt on external gate solution?)

There will initially be a 62/62, a 67/66 and a 68/70 (for Buicks) with other options to come, including T4 for the 4 bolt headers that are becoming more popular. Now that the units have been proven out, the development of a new 3 bolt, bolt on Buick turbine housing is underway (once again investment cast stainless steel.)

  1. HPT 6466
  2. HPT 6466 - Turbine Housing

We expect these turbochargers in a couple months and they will be validated on our in house chassis dyno!  We will have an optional wastegate actuator for them, which is in process that will be properly set up for this application for the guys who want to use their existing internal gate downpipes.

I was telling Harry about the 2022 winner of Turbo Street Outlaw William Avilla and what he had done. We decided together to sponsor him one of the new 76/75 T4 Turbos pictured here to put on his car not only for his accomplishment but also to show our commitment to the community.

The turbo says Monster on it which was the development name. Production units will have new HPT logo but it’s the real deal and we are looking forward to William’s feedback on the unit.

  1. Sponsored Turbocharger for William Avila
  2. 7675 Exhaust Housing

I can’t give you exact pricing yet due to the constant changes in supply chain and in material costs right now. However, I can say that the target price for a Buick ball bearing turbo is under $2000.00.  For this level of quality and performance that’s a bargain!

In fact there will be turbochargers available for everyone from small to very large… Buick enthusiasts and everyone else included! The only question is... Are you ready?

If you have questions or suggestions please contact me directly at mike@fullthrottlespeed.com or call the shop and I will try to answer/address them all. Looking forward to hearing from you!