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You'll Go Crazy For This... Free Shipping + Summer is Here!

by Steve Licht on June 06, 2022

First of all, if you have not seen it yet please check out the new website. It has many features that our customers requested. Much better communication, get messages by text or email, tracking info is live. There is also a support window to ask questions. It is still a work in progress but we are very happy so far and its constantly improving.

Here is a code you can use, this is a special one-time FREE SHIPPING deal for our customers so they can check out the new site use the coupon code: FREESHIPJUNE

WHERE ARE MY PARTS? This is the question of these crazy times. Parts are tough to get right now. The supply chain problems and shortage of raw materials has slowed the production of most items. We are doing our very best to keep key items here in stock and minimize wait times but keeping things on order. Prices are also changing daily. Please call 586-294-4404 if you want an update or approximate delivery item on any item.

NEW ITEMS! Everyone likes new stuff and wants to see the latest and greatest. We have a few new items we are excited about.

FUEL INJECTORS! The new AFIS race injectors are available now. These low impedance injectors are very special, not a rehash or a modified injector but a built from scratch race injector.  The beauty is they work on the street just fine too. Advanced coil design and pintle control gives excellent idle quality and extended duty cycle range over other injectors in this class. The thing that makes these really special is that the flow ratings are at 43 PSI not 90 psi like most race style injectors. This gives us many advantages, less current draw to open and close. Less demand on the fuel pump, A much wider range of operation. Every injector is flow tested and grouped so you know you are getting a good set. If you want a replacement for the Seimens 225lb look no further than the 250LB AFIS, better in every way. If you want to replace a PTE550 the 400LB AFIS is perfect. You can run the pressure up to 65, (which is lower than the 550’s) and have more flow and more duty cycle range plus much better drivability.  If you are getting more serious we have 600LB and 800LB versions available. That can fuel almost any car. We are shipping units NOW!

TURBOCHARGERS! My good friend Harry Hruska, the founder of Precision Turbo, the guy I call the father of the turbo revolution is back in the turbo business. He has been working on the highly successful HPL oil company and now we are proud to announce that we are part of the new HPT Turbo company. HPT turbos took the years of turbo building experience working with top racers and many street customers and designed a line of turbos using that along with the latest technology to bring a little different take on what’s out there. All stainless turbine housings, all ball bearing center sections, specially designed covers and back plates will change the game again. Giving us outstanding performance and better warranties for our customers. We are also working with HPT to produce a turbo Buick Specific turbine housing with external gate provision that will let us rethink how we use turbos on those cars.  We have prototypes in hand going on cars for validation and will have production turbos shipping in a couple months. We will be sending out progress emails with testing and ship dates soon.

SHOP UPDATE! We are finishing up a few projects around the shop and are going to take a little time to get back to working on our race car. It’s been a long project, too long in  fact and its time. The 4th (don’t ask) motor is now complete and Steve told I can’t sell this one so it’s going in the car and the rest of the fabrication will get underway. Hopefully late this summer you will see it at one of our local tracks doing a shake down run. We are in fuel injector cleaning season, it’s a great Time to get yours checked especially if you run E85, we have seen a number of compromised injectors from winter storage with E85 still in them better to check that damage parts that are tough to get. 

REMOTE AND DYNO TUNING! Our in house chassis dyno is very busy if you want to get in give us a call before we get booked up, also in case you did not know we do offer remote tuning services. We can log into your car at your house as long as you have wifi and fix many problems, set up a base tune we can even do a full tune. Call Steve for an appointment there we have somewhat flexible hours for that.

TRACK SUPPORT UPDATE! Last year we spent a lot of time at local tracks helping customers with tuning and getting cars down the track. We had a lot of success and enjoyed it very much. This season we will only be doing trackside support by appointment. If you would like to try this service or find out more about it like what we can do for you or how much it costs please call the office and talk to Steve our main tuner he can explain the process and get you scheduled.

THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT! Without you we are nothing, call us if we can help have a great summer.

Mike Licht