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Fitting, PTFE -6 » QD 3-8 Female CL, BLK
  • SKU: 672-FIT-P6QDF38CL

Fitting, PTFE -6 » QD 3-8 Female CL, BLK

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  • -6 PTFE SS Hose
  • 3/8" (10mm) Female Quick-Disconnect
  • Cresent-Lock
  • E-85 compatible
  • Black anodized aluminum


  • Fuel systems
  • E-vac systems
  • Vacuum / boost lines

Racetronix QD hose fittings are a unique solution which eliminates the need for AN/JIC to Quick-Disconnect adapters by placing the QD connection directly on the hose. This eliminates bulky ends which helps in tight places, it reduces cost and extra joints. Cresent-lock mechanism is best suited for mechanically harsh environments where standard snap-locks may be a liability. Racetronix fittings are machined from high-grade aluminum and anodized for corrosion resistance. Racetronix fittings incorporate Viton® o-rings which are compatible with most types of fuel, solvents and oils.

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