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Scanmaster 2.1 Scan Tool for Turbo Buick GN & T-Type
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Scanmaster 2.1 Scan Tool for 1986-87 Turbo Buick GN & T-Type

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The Original Scanmaster 2.1, for Turbo Buick V6 Grand National, T-Type, and Turbo Trans-Am Cars

This stand alone scan tool for the 86/87 Turbo Buick was the first product we made. There have been thousands sold. No need for clunky laptops with this unit, an LED display on the front displays all engine data so that you can properly tune your car. Simple 3-wire hookup on ALDL port.

Will Display:

  • O2 - Oxygen sensor millivolts
  • KR - Knock Retard
  • AF - MAF Airflow in grams/sec
  • LV8 - Load Value
  • BAT - Voltage to the ECM
  • INT - Integrator
  • BLM - Block Learn Multiplier
  • MPH - Miles Per Hour
  • CLT - Coolant Temp
  • ATS - Air Intake Temp
  • RPM - Current Engine RPM
  • TPS - Throttle Position in volts
  • IAC - Idle Air Control motor commanded position
  • CC - Oxygen Sensor Cross Counts
  • MAL - Malfunction Codes
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