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HR Parts N Stuff Super Swaybar - Anti-Roll system for '78-'87 GM G-Body with GM 12 or custom 10 bolt housing (3" axle tubes):

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We have designed a new kit for many different vehicles with stock-type suspension that will keep the car from twisting off the line and losing traction.  This is somewhat of a hybrid design, between the stock rear swaybar and the newer "anti-roll" swaybar setups currently available.  As with our other great products, we took the best features from each design, and eliminated the negative characteristics from both designs as well.

To better understand what happens when a car launches at the drag strip, let's take a look at what is happening there.  hen the front rises or does a "wheelie," most of the time the drivers side is much higher than the passenger side front.  This also means the drivers side rear is much higher than the passenger side rear.  Most people add air bags to the rear and pump the passenger side way up to keep the passenger side rear from coming down as far.  Here is a different way to look at what is really happening there.  Because of the rotation of the engine and the massive amount of torque it is producing, those forces are transmitted through the driveline to the rearend.  What is actually happening back there is that the passenger rear tire is actually trying to LIFT off the ground.  The tire is going up into the car, NOT the car coming down on the tire.  The passenger side air bag applies additional weight (down-force) onto the rearend (tire), attempting to equalize the weight on each rear tire.

Our new swaybar / Anti-roll system transfers the force from one side to the other, doing a much more efficient job of equalizing the weight to each rear tire.  This in effect almost doubles the traction of a fast car with no air bags, because the passenger tire would have had very little weight on it.  With the added traction and the car being much closer to level, the car can now launch harder and straighter.  This reduces the chance of wandering out of the "groove" and further losing traction, while making it much safer to drive.  Not having to worry about the rear slicks getting cut or damaged from excessive body roll is an added bonus.

The first available kits will be for '68-'72 GM A-body and '78-'87 GM G-body vehicles.  Features with the new HR Swaybar / Anti-roll system include:

  •      No welding necessary, easily bolts in place in under 2 hrs.
  •      Mounts similar to stock swaybar, stealth appearance,
  •      Fits 10 and 12 bolt GM, and 9" Ford rearends,
  •      Clears most standard single and dual exhaust systems,
  •      Lower center of gravity compared to other "race only" anti-roll kits,
  •      MUCH more effective than stock-type swaybars,
  •      Designed to be used on daily driven vehicles AND race cars,
  •      Reduces or eliminates tire rubbing around corners,
  •      Quiet smooth operation with Polyurethane mounts,
  •      Does NOT bind or restrict suspension movement,
  •      Launch level and straight, safer and more consistent,
  •      Allows much more power to be applied at launch,
  •      Designed to last longer and be easily rebuilt,
  •      Light weight, high strength 4130 Chromoly seamless tubing,
  •      Grade 8 hardware or better throughout,
  •      Only the best components available were used
  •      Smooth black powdercoat.

Each Swaybar/Anti-Roll kit comes with:

  • 1.25" (.250 wall) 4130 Aircraft Quality Chromoly tubular swaybar (heat treated for lasting performance),
  • Custom 1/2" thick laser cut upper axle brackets (clears brake line & custom fits dia) w/gripper points,
  • Custom fabricated lower axle brackets with gripper points (welded corners for added strength),
  • Heavy Duty Polyurethane mounts with formed steel clamp (grease fitting & grooves for 360* lubrication),
  • Special spacer washers to fine-tune tension on Poly-to-swaybar (for optimum performance)
  • Quality name brand (QA1 or FK) 1/2" Chromoly rod ends (with Teflon/nylon self-lube liners),
  • HD Steel adjusting turnbuckles (RH & LH threads) with jam nuts (matching 3/4" hex sizes),
  • Custom fabricated crossmember brackets (with backing plates for top side),
  • All necessary HD grade 8 hardware to assemble & attach (plated for looks & rust prevention),
  • Swaybar is sandblasted, prepped, and Powdercoated show quality gloss black,
  • Brackets are blasted, prepped, and painted with high quality VHT GM satin Black,
  • Installation grease, parts list, detailed instructions with handy tips, and tuning guide/info included,
  • 7/16" drill-bit (with custom point for easy drilling by hand) also included (can install at track!),
  • One-Year replacement guarantee!!  (Zero failures, problems, or returns since inception - April 2003!!!)

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