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Frankenstein Engine Dynamics F110 247cc LS1-2-6 Cathedral Cylinder Heads (set) - HR - Complete
Frankenstein Engine Dynamics F110 247cc LS1-2-6 Cathedral Cylinder Heads (set) - HR - Complete
Frankenstein Engine Dynamics F110 247cc LS1-2-6 Cathedral Cylinder Heads (set) - HR - Complete
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Frankenstein Engine Dynamics F110 247cc LS1-2-6 Cathedral Cylinder Heads (set) - HR - Complete

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The Most Extreme Cathedral Port Cylinder Head for 388-427 c.i. LS Engines.

  • Raised intake and exhaust ports for superior efficiency.
  • Unmatched flow characteristics in a 10 degree valve angle and shallow chamber.
  • FED Custom billet aluminum rocker stands included (Must use OEM LS7 style rockers).
  • CHE Bronze Valve Guides
  • FED Prime Grade – Black Nitride Coated Stainless Steel Intake Valve 2.135″ and Exhaust Valve 1.615″
  • FED Custom .700″ Lift Dual Valve Springs with Titanium Retainers
  • FED F-Series Valve Covers with Billet Oil Fill Cap
  • Sold Per Set

    F-Series is Frankenstein’s master creation for maximum horsepower, designed to endure and thrive in severe performance racing applications. Every detail of the F-Series is configured to achieve a stable, efficient and enduring system that removes limits imposed by traditional racing cylinder heads designs.

    F-Series Cylinder Heads:

    • Raised runner design on intake and exhaust ports allow cylinders to fill efficiently at high-rpm without altering low and mid-range performance.
    • Exhaust to valve port exit is on-center with valves for unmatched flow characteristics in a shallow combustion chamber and 10° valve angle.
    • High-efficiency water jacket.  Optimally reduced water jacket for strength, efficiency and optimal cooling capability for all applications, even endurance racing.
    • 0.750” deck structure. thicker than all stock and most aftermarket castings.
    • Extended intake flange accepts all standard manifolds without modification.
    •  LS7 bolt pattern accommodates standard header designs using 2” or larger headers.
    • Proprietary modified A356-T6  aluminum casting. We modify the mag, iron, and silica levels to accommodate for the high level of stress on the alloy. This allows us to maintain proper hardness while still having elasticity to flex a small amount under load.
    • 100% designed, tooled, cast, and machined in the USA.
    • Dry deck or solid castings available for an additional fee. (Call for details.)

    F-Series Valve Covers Included:

    • Valve cover design inspired by the SB2 pattern, clears shaft mount rockers and springs with larger diameter/higher lift packages.
    • Valve covers are dowelled and o-ringed for superior sealing and serviceability. (See the valve cover section for additional information.)
    • -6orb water crossover ports allow for better cooling capacity and more flexible installation/plumbing options.
    • -16AN ORB Oil Fill cap included.
    • 319 aluminum alloy cast valve covers – the alloy used in most aftermarket and stock cylinder head castings.
    • Includes a baffled vent section, compatible with stock PCV/emissions components.
    • Available with or without built-in coil mounts. (Coil-mounted accepts LS2 & LS3 coils only.)
    • Available finishes: raw cast, gloss green or wrinkle black powder-coated.
    • Optional F-Series billet valve covers and related accessories available.

    Solid Roller Options:

    • Jesel shaft mounted rockers are available with purchase of all F-Series solid roller cylinder heads.
    • Designed for on-center lifters.
    • Solid roller heads will accommodate up to a ½” pushrod.
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