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Revolution X 9.5
Revolution X 9.5
  • SKU: 838-95200RL

Revolution X 9.5" Street-Strip Lock-Up Torque Converter for 200R4 Transmission

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ANNOUNCING: Revolution X Torque Converters from Full Throttle Speed!

We've spent a lot of time developing these performance torque converters! This project was fueled by the desire to build a product that "just works." Using our past experience and knowledge we know we've created a very desirable product that will deliver the results demanded by you consumers!

This current model is for a 200R4 Transmission - specifically the Turbo Buick cars. It's a 9.5" Lockup Perfect for street/strip applications using most 62-67MM turbochargers. Drives like stock, easy to launch and let the turbo spool up fast but still very tight and efficient up top where is counts with a minimum amount of slip for max MPH on the strip. Perfect for the Street and equally at home on the track. Wont overheat the fluid like some other race converters do on the street. We have other models in the works for the 4L80E and TH400 transmissions as well. Join the revolution, Revolution X!


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