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Total Seal Buick V6 Pro Select Piston Ring Set .020
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Total Seal Buick V6 Pro Select Piston Ring Set .040

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This Total Seal piston ring set is designed specifically for use with the Diamond Racing Pistons that we sell for the Turbo Buick V6 Engines we build in house.

These piston ring sets feature:

  • 1/16" Moly Ductile Compression Ring
  • 1/16" Reverse Twist Cast Iron Second Ring
  • 3/16" Standard Tension Oil Ring
  • File Fit for an Exact Fit

Included Installation/Clearance Instructions

Total Seal piston rings, from Diamond Pistons, feature low blowby, increased horsepower, improved fuel economy, cooler/cleaner oil, and a longer engine life.

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