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Vibrant Performance Mandrel-Bent Round Tubing 2.0
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Vibrant Performance Mandrel-Bent Round Tubing 2.0" 45 degree, 6x6

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Vibrant Performance mandrel-bent round tubing offers perfect curves for your custom creation! Vibrant individual tubes are manufactured from stainless steel to withstand acidic, high-heat, and corrosive conditions. From incredibly tight U-bends to the slightest 15 degree bends, you can pick from 1.25 in. to 5 in. outer diameters to complete your project. Vibrant Performance mandrel-bent tubing is ideal for creating your custom exhaust, headers, downpipes, and intercooler pipes. And, with their choice of more sizes and more bend angles, you get more options--and a good chance of getting exactly what you need--to complete your fabrication project perfectly!

Outside Diameter (in):2.000 in.

Bend Angle:45 degrees

Tubing Material:Stainless steel

Tubing Finish:Natural


Tubing Gauge:16-gauge

Bend Radius (in):2.000 in.

Leg 1 Length (in):6.000 in.

Leg 2 Length (in):6.000 in.

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