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1.65 Ratio Roller Rockers for TA V3850SI V6 Cylinder Heads
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1.65 Ratio Roller Rockers for TA V3850SI V6 Cylinder Heads

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We offer roller rocker assemblies for stock and TA V3850 Series cylinder heads. Both styles are made for us by T&D Machine with our proprietary designs to ensure the highest quality. TA V1309 series rockers are for stock heads and TA V3850 SI Street Intimidator series heads. These rockers mount to the original pedestals on stock heads (a mounting stand is required on SI heads) and like original all of the rockers are on one shaft per head. TA V1308 series rockers are of the pedestal type and are for use with our TA V3850SE Street Eliminator series heads. This design is similar to rocker configurations found on other engine types were the rockers are mounted in pairs on individual shafts.

NOTE: TA 1309 series. The rocker pedestals may need to be ground for adequate clearance on stock cylinder heads. Please ask for details.

NASCAR Standards 

Each TA Performance Roller Rocker set is made to the same standards that NASCAR teams have learned to rely on. High speed tool bearings, hardened shafts, axle bearing tips and direct oiling all contribute to a rocker that will outperform all others on the market and will last for years to come.

TA V3850 Street Intimidator (SI) heads require either a stock stamped steel rocker or our TA V1309SI series rockers. Roller rockers for stock heads do not line up perfectly with thevalve tip. The stock steel rocker has a much wider footprint than a roller, for this reason they are compatible with the SI heads. Roller rockers for production heads can be made to work if the rocker spacing is adjusted. 

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