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1978-1988 GM G-Body Viking Front Coil Over Kit, Double Adjustable, Poly Mount
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1978-1988 GM G-Body Viking Front Coil Over Kit, Double Adjustable, Poly Mount

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Viking's front coilover kit combines a high quality hybrid spring with a 19-position double adjustable shock. The upper coil fits the upper spring perch on your vehicle while the lower part of the coil matches the coilover shock bottom. A coil spring compressor is not required, as the adjuster acts as the compressor. The optional thrust bearing and spanner wrenches allow for easy adjustment of ride height from factory to 1-1/2" lowering. The shock itself has independent compression and rebound adjusters to allow custom tuning for street, strip, auto-x and road race - all in one shock. Viking coilovers work perfectly with UMI's lower a-arm or your factory lower a-arm. Pair with UMI's geometry corrected upper a-arm loaded with a tall ball joint and head for the nearest high speed corner, 1/4 mile track or weekly cruise.

Ride height info: The G-body and S-10 platform is very sensitive to ride height vs spring rate. Contact us if you are interested in lowering further than 1-1/2" below stock. We will tend to use the A234 shock and advise on proper spring rates. High rate springs may not allow as much drop as you desire.

Polyurethane Shock Mount: Viking offers two mounting options for the lower shock attachment points. Mild street applications can use polyurethane for ride comfort and reduced harshness. Corner carving, drag racing, auto-x and road race should choose bearing ends for increased reliability and performance. By their very nature, performance parts both in poly and bearing, tend to feel and sound different than rubber mounted factory parts. UMI is not responsible for poly bushing damage when used in performance applications.

Value added features include:

  • Hybrid coil spring Made in USA
  • Brilliant protective finish ensures your springs stay nice for years
  • Choose spring rates for drag, street or road race/auto-x
  • 19 way adjustable compression and rebound damping shock suits all occasions (361 possible combinations)
  • Every shock is built, dyno tested and serialized in Lakeville, Minnesota
  • Shocks can be rebuilt at Viking or an authorized Viking rebuild center (call for details)


Kit Includes:

  • (2) Front coil over shocks, double adjustable
  • (2) Front springs with choice of 250, 350, 450 or 550 spring rate

Spanner Wrench & Thrust Bearing Kit: Spanner wrench tool is used to adjust vehicle height while shock stays mounted. This wrench is needed to make height adjustments. The thrust bearing kit is designed to be placed between the spring and the spring seat attached to the shock. This makes for easier adjustments since the spring seat is rotating on a bearing. This kit is recommended for easier adjustments but is not needed to complete the installation. We do not recommend adjusting without a thrust bearing kit.

Front Spring Rate Options:
250lb- 11” tall springs for drag race only. Serious lightening required. 
350lb- Small block cruise or drag race with lightening required. 
450lb- Small block cruise, big block drag race. 
550lb- Small block handling, all big blocks except drag. NOTE: 550 rate requires alternate products to achieve a low front ride height. Please call for details.

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