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1986-87 Turbo Buick V6 3.8L  Sealed Power Full Gasket Set
  • SKU: 428-260-1238

1986-87 Turbo Buick V6 3.8L Sealed Power Full Gasket Set

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These Sealed Power gasket sets are perfect for a high performance or stock rebuild. They include non-stick head gaskets, intake manifold gaskets with exhaust crossover provisions, steel-core header gaskets, and all of the associated gaskets needed to complete your rebuild.

Head Gaskets Included:Yes

Intake Gaskets Included:Yes

Valley Pan Included:No

Oil Pan Gasket Included:Yes

Rear Main Seal Included:Yes

Exhaust Manifold Gaskets Included:Yes

Exhaust Pipe Gasket Included:No

Valve Cover Gaskets Included:Yes

Valve Stem Seals Included:Yes

Water Pump Gaskets Included:Yes

Timing Cover Gaskets Included:Yes

Timing Cover Seal:Yes

Water Neck Gasket Included:Yes

Fuel Pump Gasket Included:Yes

Distributor Gasket Included:No

Fuel Injector O-Rings Included:No

Upper Intake Manifold Plenum Gasket Included:No

Head Fasteners Included:No

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