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2 Step Ignition System for 1986-87 Buick GN T-Type
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2 Step Ignition System for 1986-87 Buick GN T-Type

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Now shipping the new 2 step system for the Buick Turbo car. Works with stock and after market ecu using the stock coil setup. What is a 2-Step Controller? Our 2-Step unit is designed to limit engine speed (RPM) to the desired presets in order to allow the driver to hold the accelerator at W.O.T. while preparing to ‘launch’ the vehicle when racing. On vehicles equipped with manual transmissions, the unit is also used to cut engine power during ‘speed shifts’ to allow the driver to keep the accelerator pedal floored while shifting. These modes of operation allow increased performance on all types of vehicles, but especially so on those equipped with turbochargers. Nitrous and Alcohol Application Benefits: Another important application for the 2-Step unit is to limit the top engine speed to below that of the engine control module (ECM, PCM). The ECM rev limiter disables the fuel injectors to cut engine power and prevent over-revs. On engines equipped with Nitrous Oxide or alcohol injection, disabling the fuel injectors while accelerating results in an extremely lean condition as the nitrous or alcohol is still flowing. This can cause serious engine damage and must be avoided. The “Main Limit” in the 2-Step unit is designed to prevent these occurrences by limiting engine speeds to a safe level.
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