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231 V6 20 BOLT Hardened Cam Bearing Dual Groove - Dual Feed
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231 V6 20 BOLT Hardened Cam Bearing Dual Groove - Dual Feed

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TA Performance offers Hi-Performance cam bearings for most Buick applications. TA's hardened bearing series incorporates a steel backed alloy material. The hardened bearings also incorporate a larger footprint to distribute the additional loads created by higher pressure valve springs. 

   TA's exclusive Dual Groove - Dual Feed Technology bearings are the result of years of evaluation and testing. The dual groove - dual feed bearings include the same material specifications as out hardened bearing series with the addition of the dual groove and dual feed technologies on a wider foot print. The wider foot print disburses valve train loads over a greater area and the dual grooves allow oil to be directed around the circumference of the bearing, again, without compromising strength or load carrying ability.

   When the camshaft rotates a "hydraulic wedge" is produced, this wedge is created as a result of the cam being driven downward by the valve train. This causes extreme loads at the lower half of the bearing, and in relation considerably less at the top. The factory oil delivery location allowed the oil to "hemorrhage" out at the top half of the bearing and was prone to starving the bearing at the bottom half, especially with higher spring pressures. With the dual feed technology, one of the oil feed holes is located at the 3 o'clock position and allows oil just prior to the hydraulic wedge, the other feed hole is at the 7 o'clock position and is designed to continue to feed oil through the remainder of the hydraulic wedge and around the rest of the bearing. The dual feed technology is also an oil control feature. The feed holes fan oil across the bearing surface and their location permits the most precise delivery of the oil and considerably less oil bleed out, resulting in additional oil pressure for the rest of the engine. We recommend the Grooved bearings on ALL performance and most stock build ups.

   Don't waste your time and money doing abnormal, specially machined work that can compromise the block itself. For considerably less money and 30 minutes of labor, you SOLVE the cam bearing problem, period!

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