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99-UP LS1 F-Body Fuel Pump Kit
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99-UP LS1 F-Body Fuel Pump Kit

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Finally, an affordable LS1 intank fuel pump solution that retains the factory Jet Pump operation!

Our intank LS1 fuel pump assembly is based on the famous Walbro georotor fuel pumps. Walbro has become the first choice for high-performance intank fuel pumps. Walbro's georotor design is able to produce high pressure while maintaining important high volume output. The positive displacement design allows Walbro fuel pumps to be quiet, efficient and very reliable, so relaible they maintain a QS9000 certification so you know the quaility is there. Tests in the field have proven that these Walbro units will support upwards of 600RWHP. The biggest problem with LS1 installations is the factory bucket that the pump resides in. It is equipped with a "Jet Pump" that keeps the bucket full and the pump submerged when the fuel level is low. Typically when this style of pump is installed, holes are drilled in the bucket to keep it full since there is no way to connect the jet pump. When this is done the jet pump is disabled, pump performace is greatly diminished, the tank will not empty properly and there is a good chace of sucking air into the system. We now have and intank solution with the proper connection so that the jet pump can be connected and proper factory intended pump operation can be restored. 
Our kit come with everything needed for the install.

  • Pump with jet pump nipple and kink resistant factory type fuel tube
  • Custom high flow 30 micron fuel sock
  • Upgraded intank wiring harness with OEM connectors
  • Stainless gear clamp

This is everthing you need to install your pump and maintain proper tank opertion. Call us at (586) 294-4404 if you have questions about this product.

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