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Aeromotive Extreme Flow EFI Regulator, 2 Port -10 In-Out
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Aeromotive Extreme Flow EFI Regulator, 2 Port -10 In-Out

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Designed for use with Belt or Hex Drive Fuel Pumps.

Compact, 2-Port Body with dual ORB-10 inlet/outlet ports and one ORB-10 return port.
0.500" High Flow Valve/Seat, able to handle 7-26 GPM
Dual Springs expand operating pressure range while maintaining a low profile and reduced weight.
Standard spring (installed) supports 30-75 PSI base fuel pressure.
High Pressure spring (included) supports 75-120 PSI base fuel pressure.
Supports vacuum and boost reference on a 1:1 ratio with PSI
This product is not legal for sale or use on emission-controlled vehicles except when used on a dedicated race vehicle.

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