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Callies LS7 Dragonslayer Crankshaft 4.000
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Callies LS7 Dragonslayer Crankshaft 4.000" Stroke

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DragonSlayer – Gen II-IV LS7

Stroke: 4.000"
Main: 2.559
Pin Size: 2.100
Cammed for Rod: 6.125

Gen II/IV LS1 DragonSlayer crankshafts are available in either 4.000 or 3.625 strokes with 2.100 rod journals. Callies can balance your DragonSlayer up to an 1820 bob weight at a special money saving LS1 price. Our LS1 crankshafts are machined from premium 4340 forgings. Each Callies LS1 features PERMA-TOUGH heat treating for added strength and serviceability. DragonSlayer LS1 crankshafts are sold with gun drilled mains and Angalite drilled rod journals.

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