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Comp Cams LS Hi-Tech Race 3/8
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Comp Cams LS Hi-Tech Race 3-8" Rocker Studs

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Replace your stock rocker arm studs with these COMP Cams rocker arm studs. When ultimate strength is required, as with high-rpm roller cam applications, Hi-Tech Race studs are just what you need. These studs have thin jam nuts for rocker clearance, rolled threads for maximum contact, and ground-flat tops to achieve and maintain accurate valve adjustments. The jam nuts are large in diameter to spread the load over larger areas. All COMP Cams Hi-Tech studs have generous radii and feature a black oxide finish.

Base Thread Size:M8 x 1.25mm

Rocker Arm Nut Thread Size:3/8-24 in.

Guideplate Locator Shank:Yes

Rocker Arm Nut Thread Length (in):0.875 in.

Effective Stud Length (in):1.500 in.

Base Thread Length (in):0.800 in.

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