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Deluxe Fuel Line + Rail Kit, 1998 Camaro - FireBird
  • SKU: 672-FLK-F98

Deluxe Fuel Line + Rail Kit, 1998 Camaro - FireBird

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  • Billet anodized fuel rails, red or black
  • Billet adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  • Fuel pressure gauge - liquid filled
  • Billet filter housing, -10 ORB
  • 10-micron SS magnetic filter element
  • Billet filter mount
  • Racetronix Quick-Disconect hose fittings
  • ORB fittings and adapters
  • Black conductive PTFE (Teflon™) stainless-braided hoses


  • 1998 Camaro / Firebird with factory plastic fuel tank and module.





The Racetronix FLK-F98 deluxe fuel line kit includes every fuel system component required to upgrade the factory system from the tank to the motor. Racetronix QDF Quick-Disconnect (push-lock) PTFE hose fittings hook directly to the fuel module without the need for adapters.

A billet filter housing with magnetic stainless filter element provides superior filtering and protection from contaminants with all types of fuel.

Billet large-bore full-flow rails use ORB o-ring fittings which provide superior flow and sealing over NPT pipe-thread fittings. No sealant / tape required. Large 3/4" rail bores provide enough flow for insane horsepower levels.

Radius ORB fittings maintain full flow and pressure balance in the rails.

A billet adjustable 1-to1 manifold regulator provides stable pressure with naturally aspirated or forced induction (boosted) motors.

A glycerin-filled fuel pressure gauge makes setting up and monitoring your fuel system a snap.

Racetronix stainless-braided PTFE (Teflon™) conductive hose provides support flow to to rubber, reduces weight and size, eliminates fuel vapors, dissipates static charges and is pretty much impervious to all types of fuels and additives.

This system is the perfect upgrade for almost any HP application since it eliminates all of the aging and restrictive factory components which are not Ethanol compatible. Having the regulator relocated to the engine compartment eliminates the pressure drop issues caused by the restrictive undersized factory regulator in the fuel module. (which must be bypassed upon installation if this system).

This system flows enough fuel to easily support 1200 HP+ so the likelihood of ever having to upgrade is unlikely.

We higly recommend the use of our adjustbale fitting wrench and vice soft-jaws to aid in the assembly and prevention of scuffing of the fittings.




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