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Eagle Turbo Buick V6 3.400
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Eagle Turbo Buick V6 3.400" Stock Stroke EXTERNALLY Balanced Crankshaft

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Eagle 3.400" Stroke Buick V6 External Balance Crankshaft 

These forged steel crankshafts from Eagle Specialty Products are internally balanced so costly aftermarket balancers and flexplates are not needed which make these great for high performance street applications. They feature non-twist forging, go through a multi-stage heat-treatment process, and are stress-relieved and shot-peened. These cranks are X-rayed, magnafluxed, and sonic-tested, so you know you're getting a top-quality piece. Each crankshaft has cross-drilled and chamfered oil holes for improved oiling, a .125 in. radius on rod and main journals for increased strength, and the journals are precision-ground and micro-polished to less than 5 R.A. A target bob weight of +/- 2 percent greatly reduces balancing time. For high horsepower / RPM applications the internal balance option is recomended.

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