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Filter-Regulator Assembly - 8AN, 175 GPH, 10 Micron

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When converting your fuel system to a return style EFI setup, that biggest challenge can be plumbing the fuel lines. Holley continues to be the leader in fuel system development to make your life easier! The new Holley EFI Filter Regulator assembly simplifies your installation by combining the fuel filter and regulator in one assembly that can be mounted in the rear of the vehicle. Thus making your return line much shorter.

The aluminum assembly contains a 175 GPH 10 Micron filter and a regulator preset at 59.5 psi. The filter regulator comes in 3/8” NPT or 8 AN port sizes to match most EFI
fuel systems.


  • Simplify your EFI fuel system installation with Holley EFI Filter Regulator
  • All aluminum housing is both clear and black anodized for corrosion protection
  • Internal regulator is preset at 59.5 psi.
  • Includes a 175 GPH 10 Micron filter (replacement filter is P/N 162-558)
  • Comes in two port sizes- 3/8” NPT and 8 AN
  • Can be mounted in the rear of vehicle to make your return line routing easier
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