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FuelTech 170 lb/hr High Impedance Fuel Injector
FuelTech 170 lb/hr High Impedance Fuel Injector
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FuelTech 170 lb/hr High Impedance Fuel Injector

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The FT Injector 170 lb/hr (1785cc/min @ 43.5 psi) is a high impedance injector from the FT Injector family, no Peak and Hold driver is required. This injector is compatible with all available fuels (gasoline, ethanol, alcohol, nitromethane, nitropropane, MTBE and ETBE). The connector is the typical EV1 found on other racing injectors, with silver plated terminals. It also comes with the well known support from us directly for any FuelTech product.

  • REAL flow, all injectors are tested, and calibrated to ensure linearity, repeatability and accuracy for all cylinders
  • It has internal components resistant to corrosion, guaranteed by the salinization test carried out on all raw material used
  • Compatible with any type of fuel (Gasoline, Ethanol, nitromethane, nitropropane, MTBE and ETBE)
  • Compatible with any ECU on the market
  • FuelTech warranty and support
  • Project developed prioritizing the quality and durability of the injector


  • High impedance
  • Coil resistance: (8.2 - 8.1) Ohms
  • Ingress protection Rating: IP67 / NEMA6



1 - Overall height - 74 mm (2.91”)

2 - Overall width - 18 mm (0.71”)

3 - Top O-ring diameter - 14.58 mm (0.57”)

4 - Tip - 4.1 mm (0.16”)

5 - Bottom O-ring diameter - 12.83 mm (0.51”)

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