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Holley EFI Remote Tuning Service for Dominator, HP & Terminator X/MAX ECUs
Holley EFI Remote Tuning Service for Dominator, HP & Terminator X/MAX ECUs
Holley EFI Remote Tuning Service for Dominator, HP & Terminator X/MAX ECUs

Holley EFI Remote Tuning Service for Dominator, HP & Terminator X/MAX ECUs

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Remote Tuning Service for Holley EFI Dominator, HP & Terminator X ECUs

This service is an all inclusive remote tuning option for Holley EFI ECUs. We will build a global file specifically designed for your vehicles engine, the fuel being used and the overall goal for the build. We will also help you decide your pinmapping for all of your inputs and outputs you may need. We will utilize a web client such as Anydesk to initiate a live session where we can both be online with the vehicle in real time. The first session will give you two hours time of online help.

Throughout the time we are online we will go through all of the initial startup procedures and verify all of the engine sensors are working as they should. When we schedule the tune session you should know all of the following details on your engine, so that we can properly help you.

  1. What ECU are you using? Terminator X, HP or Dominator?
  2. If Dominator or HP - What O2 Sensor? NTK or Bosch?
  3. What is the cubic inch of the engine?
  4. What fuel is being used? (Pump Gas, E85, Flex Fuel, Race Gas, or Methanol?)
  5. What ignition strategy? (24x, 58x, One Pulse One Fire, 12-1 etc)
  6. What MAP Sensor are you using? Please provide brand and part number
  7. What fuel injectors? Please provide size and part number. (Note, Term X ECUs are only High Impedance Injectors)
  8. What camshaft and lifters are currently installed? 
  9. What valve springs and cylinder heads are currently installed?
  10. What is the Compression Ratio?
  11. What is your base fuel pressure set at?
  12. What throttle-body are you using?
  13. What intake manifold?
  14. If Turbocharged, What size turbo(s)? 
  15. If Turbocharger, What Intercooler?
  16. If Supercharged, What is the size and brand? Roots or Centifugal?
  17. If Nitrous - Dry Nitrous? Wet or Progressive Control? How Much are You Spraying? 
  18. Are you running a dedicated fuel cell for your nitrous system?
  19. Is the engine built at all or complete stock bottom end?
  20. What transmission? Rear Gear? Tire Size?
  21. Please list all additional inputs/outputs that need to be setup/configured.

Should you require or desire additional time and help, there will be an additional hourly charge. Some of our additional remote tuning services include:

    • Datalog Analysis
    • Power Management for Drag Racing
    • Traction Control Configuration
    • Remote Dyno Tuning
    • In person Tuning at Track

To schedule a session, simply checkout on the website here or give us a call - we'd be happy to help you reach your goals.

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