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HYPERSPARK KIT W/ 565-302 - FORD (351W)
HYPERSPARK KIT W/ 565-302 - FORD (351W)
HYPERSPARK KIT W/ 565-302 - FORD (351W)
  • SKU: 320-565-302K

HYPERSPARK KIT W/ 565-302 - FORD (351W)

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Our HyperSpark Master Kits were designed to make upgrading your ignition on a Sniper EFI-equipped engine simple. When installed concurrently with a new Sniper EFI system, the combination creates the easiest to install EFI conversion on the market - only four flying lead connections required! This harness only requires one connection to a switched power source, battery positive, battery negative, and fuel pump power. The pre-terminated connectors and a built in 40A relay provides power to all of the components within the system. With the included Sniper EFI Main Harness you no longer need to run multiple wires to provide switched power for each individual component. This not only helps prevent wiring confusion, it will speed up your install time and clean up your engine bay. Just route the harness and pre-terminated connectors to your HyperSpark coil, distributor, and ignition box and plug them in.
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