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Precision Turbo and Engine 50mm Blow-Off Valve
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Precision Turbo and Engine 50mm Blow-Off Valve

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Precision Launches All-New PTE 50mm Blow Off Valve 

● Lightweight 6061 and 7075 aluminum body is bolt-on and built-in the USA

● Kevlar-reinforced silicon rolling diaphragm provides quick response

● Precision’s world-class workmanship now extends to this in-demand component in order to replace aftermarket solutions

The all-new 50mm BOV is machined from lightweight 6061 and 7075 aluminum and is anodized black for superior looks and protection from extreme elements. Additionally, its Kevlar-reinforced silicon rolling diaphragm is designed for quick response under extreme conditions. Providing further options for tunability, three aluminum spacers are included for the utmost in adjustability, along with an aluminum mounting flange and both an air fitting and crush washers for leak-free installation. This flexibility for specific fitments is not only due to the PTE staff’s personal experience and expertise in building the world’s fastest and quickest vehicles, but reaffirms PTE’s commitment to providing the best customer service on every component sold.

Functionally, the all-new 50mm PTE BOV serves its role in the plumbing of a turbocharger system by relieving pressure during off-throttle time, while also relieving customers of the need to look for solutions that are not designed to deliver optimal performance and response. Plus, thanks to its use as a replacement component for other applications or as part of a larger PTE system, the all-new 50mm PTE BOV is one component designed to serve two distinct needs in the world’s fastest vehicles – or those aspiring to be.

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