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Racetronix FPWH-009 Universal Relay Power Harness
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Racetronix FPWH-009 Universal Relay Power Harness

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FPWH-009 - Universal Applications

  • Weatherproof connectors
  • Heavy 10-gauge automotive-grade copper wire 20' length
  • 20' positive trigger wire
  • Heavy-duty 30 amp weatherproof relay
  • Weatherproof fuse holder
  • Silicon grease, spare fuse, wire ties, heatshrink, solder and terminals included
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware


    - All
     fuel pump applications where a Racetronix plug and play harness is not available
    - Electric fans

    - Electric water, oil, and coolant pumps

    - Lighting (fog, spot or driving lamps)
    - Controlling any device requiring a high-current power source upwards of 30 amp

    The Wiring Harness

    This harness can be used to upgrade, replace or add to your existing vehicle wiring to control and power a wide range of devices. This harness uses a positive 12 volt signal to turn on the relay coil which in turn switches power directly from your battery or alternator to the attached load. This harness can be used to supply high-performance fuel pumps, high-power electric fans, electric water pumps, performance lighting or any device which draws up to 30 amps of current. Top-quality relays are used with 40 amp rated contacts. The relay socket and fuse holder terminals are rated at 30 amps to provide the best reliability. A five foot heavy-duty ground wire is included. Nylon ties, dielectric grease, terminal assortment, heat-shrink tubing assortment, solder, ATC fuses and stainless self-tapping screws are included.

    Racetronix harnesses are considered the best by which all others are judged. Attention to detail in every Racetronix harness is evident at first glance. Racetronix spares no expense to ensure reliability, ease of installation and performance.
    All Racetronix harnesses are assembled using our computerized crimp-quality monitoring system and then circuit checked for the utmost in reliability. This Racetronix harness is backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

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