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Racetronix In-line/External Fuel Pump 525 LPH Hellcat E85
Racetronix In-line/External Fuel Pump 525 LPH Hellcat E85
Racetronix In-line/External Fuel Pump 525 LPH Hellcat E85
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Racetronix In-line/External Fuel Pump 525 LPH Hellcat E85

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Racetronix new RXP525LE is an affordable, ultra-reliable and quiet alternative for customers who require a high-performance in-line (external) fuel pump solution. The Racetronix RXP525LE’s patent-pending design encapsulates a Walbro 525 Hellcat (F90000285) E85-compatible fuel pump inside a sealed billet anodized T6 aluminum housing. The RXP525LE’s compact design will replace many other performance pumps of similar size while providing superior flow and reliability. By utilizing Walbro’s patented DCSS fuel pump, the RXP525LE is able to maintain fuel volume at higher pressures and temperatures than most other high-performance pumps. The pump’s internal check-valve reduces fuel pressure bleed down (extended crank-to run times) and allows for staged parallel operation of two or more pumps. The internal design of the RXP525LE allows the pump’s high-pressure safety bypass valve to remain fully functional. This is important should an over-pressure condition occur due to a crimped fuel line. The RXP525LE’s housing isolates and reduces noise from the already ultra-quiet Walbro fuel pump. An air-bleed port is positioned next to the pump’s inlet to allow air to be purged from the feed line and casing to make priming the pump much easier. The RXP525LE comes with a universal mounting bracket and a rubber isolation strip. The bracket may secured with screws from either the inside or outside for easy surface or through-hole mounting. The RXP525LE is the ultimate win-win solution for in-line (external) fuel pumps.

  • Fuel: GAS & E85
  • Horsepower: 900+ at 60 PSI (naturally aspirated applications)
  • Fuel Inlet Diameter: -10 AN ORB Female (7/8-14 SAE)
  • Fuel Outlet Diameter: -8 AN ORB Female (3/4-16 SAE)
  • Flow Rate (nominal 20°C): 470lph @ 43.5psi (124+ GPH)
  • Test Voltage: 13.5 Volts
  • Pump Length: see drawings below
  • Housing Diameter: see drawings below
  • Field-serviceable internal pump

This pump must be gravity fed to prevent loss of prime. A -10 feed and -8 oulet PTFE hose is recommended for maximum performance. A minimal -8 feed and -6 outlet PTFE hose is required to prevent damage to the pump. Filters with adequate size/surface area are required. Failure to provide proper sized hoses and filters will greatly reduce pump performance and life.

Racetronix highly recommends using a 30-micron pre-filter (inlet) to protect the pump and a 10-micron post-filter (outlet) to protect the injectors and motor.

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