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Revolution X Arctic Cat 1100 Turbo Single Tune & Knock Light
235HP Track Dyno Sheet
LED Detonation Knock Indication Light

Revolution X Arctic Cat 1100 Turbo Single Tune & Knock Light

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Z1 Turbo and ProCross 1100T Single ECU Tune and Knock Light for Stock Turbo

This single tune is a great performance upgrade from the stock amount of boost. Very safe and very fun for all levels of trail riding. It will pull 15 PSI with a free flowing exhaust system. It can be ridden on both 93 and 91 octane fuels.

This tune also comes with a knock/detonation light. Anytime you start to experience detonation while riding, the knock light will turn on and signal you to get out of the throttle, before serious damage to your engine occurs.

Reports and Updates from the field are excellent in all areas of the country, at all altitudes and the performance is unmatched!


  • Idle improvement
  • Lower Temperature Warning
  • 2 Stage Knock/Detonation Indication Light
  • Smooth Throttle Response
  • Incredible Torque Band for the Trail
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