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Temporary Mount Test & Tune Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit (GM)
Temporary Mount Test & Tune Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit (GM)
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Temporary Mount Test & Tune Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit (GM)

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Test & Tune Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit

(Temporary Mount)

GM EFI Applications

This kit allows the installer to tap into the Schrader valve outlet on the GM fuel rail and connect directly to a high-quality pressure gauge that can be custom-mounted (or temporarily mounted) within the driver's field of view.

The kit includes a Marshall 1.5" liquid-filled fuel pressure gauge, a 90* fuel rail adapter, and a Teflon-lined 36" #4 AN line that is plastic-coated to prevent chafing on underhood components.   

The gauge can be custom-mounted underhood for convenient viewing when adjusting fuel pressure, or above the hood, facing the driver, so that pressure can be monitored while the vehicle is under load.  For either installation, the installer must take proper caution to mount the gauge securely.

Note :  This kit is not designed to be mounted in the passenger compartment.  A fuel isolator or an electric fuel pressure gauge must be used for interior installations.

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