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Texas Speed & Performance LS1/LS2 Stage 3 Turbo Cam
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Texas Speed & Performance LS1/LS2 Stage 3 Turbo Cam

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TSP LS1/LS2 Stage 3 Turbo Cam Specs: 228/234 .620/.600 115+3 LSA

The TSP Stage 3 Turbo Cam is intended for 4,8, 5.3, 5.7, and 6.0 using single or twin-turbos. This camshaft will work in stock turbo’d applications or a wild built forged motor! Our Stage 3 Turbo cam will be sure to get every ounce of power possible out of your boosted setup. Our TSP double valve springs are recommended for this cam and turbo applications for extra reliability and safety, as well as our chromoly hardened pushrods.

  • Engines best suited for: 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, 6.0'
  • Desired Compression ratio for cam: 9.5:1 – 10:.5:1
  • Recommended Springs Required: Pac 1219 or TSP .660 Double Valve Spring
  • Aftermarket Stall Converter Required: Yes, 2800+
  • Upgraded Rear Gear Required: No, but Automatics should be at least a 3.23
  • Operating RPM Range: 2000-6600
  • Estimated Power Increase: 50+ 
  • Drivability: Will drive like stock but with some decent lope at idle.


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