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Turbo Buick 86-87 Poly Motor Mount, 2nd Design for Stage I and II
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Turbo Buick 86-87 Poly Motor Mount, 2nd Design for Stage I and II

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Heavy Duty motor mounts that will fit Stage I & II blocks, and ALL GM production V-6's in the body styles listed below

Motor mounts are made from all new parts and materials, and assembled with precision CNC machined jig fixtures. To ensure the highest degree of quality, parts are laser cut and manufactured to precision tolerances with CNC equipment. They are welded with a state-of-the-art high frequency mig welder and include grade 8 (or better) hardware. A 3/8" hex bit driver for use on a ratchet will be needed to install while the motor is in the car. We offer this tool separately (Part #3160199) for those that may not have one. If the motor is out of the car, a standard 3/8" Allen wrench may also be used.

These new mounts are MUCH stronger than stock, and are designed to handle 1400 HP+ while transferring power quicker, without any of the problems associated with solid mounts. There are NO negative effects to the block or knock sensor from using our Poly mounts. They actually reduce the negative effects from using solid type mounts. They include the highest quality polyurethane bushings from a well known manufacturer that have been modified to be used with our design. They are soft enough to allow a slight amount of movement which reduces bind/stress, and also stiff enough to keep the engine where it is designed to be under full power. There is also added clearance over the stock mounts for aftermarket oiling systems, and they should NOT need any additional modifications.

Testing with a 10.70's Buick GN in race trim has shown over 75% less flexing than the stock mounts at 5 psi boost (300-350 HP) brake torque. Another benefit we found was that the engine was shaking noticeably less at an idle. We also tested them at 30+ psi boost on many 1/4 mile passes, with 1.40 - 1.46 60 foot times, all without any engine anchor. This was with a production block and approx. 3500 Lbs car/driver. They have been low 9's on a car with a stage block using a transbrake, with no engine anchor or mid-plate. They are currently being used on many 9 sec cars, some 8 second cars, and many milder daily drivers with great success.

On an '87 Buick GN, the mounts can usually be changed with the motor still in the car somewhat easily, depending upon exact upgrades. They come fully assembled and have a black finish with new Allen head bolts (actually stronger than grade 8) and lock washers for bolting up to the block. These have also been used to mount Turbo V-6's into several different non-Buick makes/models. Some fabrication of the frame pad and/or cross-members will obviously needed, depending upon applications.

There will be a One Year limited warranty on the mounts against workmanship and/or breakage, limited to the replacement of the mount. Details will be included with each purchase, along with helpful tips for an easy installation. Because of the quality, design, and workmanship, the warranty applies even under extreme racing conditions.

Applications include:

  • '82-'87 Buick Regal (GN, GN-X, T-Type, WE-4)
  • '82-'87 Chevy El Camino
  • '82-'83 Chevy Malibu
  • '82-'88 Chevy Monte Carlo
  • '82-'87 GMC Caballero
  • '82-'88 Olds Cutlass RWD
  • '82-'86 Pontiac Bonneville
  • '82-'87 Pontiac Grand Prix


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