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Turbo Tweak 5.7 Chip & 60 Lb.Injectors Combo Kit
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Turbo Tweak 5.7 Chip & 60 Lb.Injectors Combo Kit

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Custom computer chip v5.7 made for your Turbo Buick or Pontiac TTA. This chip has user adjustable features that allow you to do fine tuning of WOT fuel and timing if you wish (need a scantool). Choose either a street chip (pump gas), race chip (race gas), or a chip for alcohol injection. Note the '84/'85 cars with stock ECM do not have the same features.
Street Chip: for use with pump gas (91-94 octane), and will also work with alcohol injection, but not as aggressive as an alcohol chip. 16-18psi boost in most cases (a little lower with 91oct), WOT fuel will be set up for that boost level, around 18 degrees WOT timing. For the 84/85 hotair cars, typical boost is around 11-14psi. Cars with the 84/85 ECM will NOT have the features of the 86/87 chip.
Alcohol Chip: for use with pump gas when alcohol injection is being used, timing is increased to around 21-23 degrees, boost is increased to the 20-25psi range, along with some other small tweaks to work better with the alcohol. Alcohol injection MUST be used with this chip. The calibration is made for 100% alcohol, no water mixes. Excess knock will occur if the alcohol is turned off and you go to full boost.
Race chip: for use with race fuel only, NO alcohol injection, high timing around 26 degrees depending on octane and combo, more WOT fuel for high boost. I need to know what your goals are, what boost range you're going to run, and octane of the race fuel. I can make the torque converter lock at WOT if you request it. I never set the torque converter to lock at full throttle unless specifically requested.

All chips are made for 
off-road use, so they generally will not pass emissions testing. There is no EGR function.

  • Chip Features for Version 5.7 for 86/87 Buick and 89 TTA:
  • -Fuel and timing curves recalibrated for improved driveability, cold starts, idle, faster spool. The intent is to maximize performance while reducing knock.
  • -User Adjustable features! - requires a scantool
  • -User adjustable wide open throttle fuel, +/- 20%, also adjust 1st gear WOT fuel independently +/- 20%
  • -User adjustable wide open throttle timing, +/-9° from default, 2 separate settings for low gear and high gear.
  • -Open loop idle for smoothness, idle BLM still has learning capability (not locked to 128).
  • -For alcohol injection, special timing curves to help reduce "transitional" knock.
  • -Variable timing based on mph and airflow, provides extra timing in the low/mid boost area.
  • -BLM lock at WOT to improve consistency.
  • -Shift light capability through the SES light if requested.
  • -False knock ignore capability for launch, turns off when preset mph is reached if requested.
  • -Antistall, helps prevent stalling and reversion through the MAF when lifting off throttle after boost, helpful with higher stall converters.
  • -MAF/LV8 locks on to 255 under wide open throttle conditions for consistency.
  • -MAF "Dropout" ignore
  • -Fan is programmed to come on a 166*F unless otherwise specified.
  • -Torque converter lockup at cruising is programmed for 45mph unless otherwise specified.
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