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TurboTweak ECUGN Standalone Engine Management System for Turbo Buick GN +T-Type
TurboTweak ECUGN Standalone Engine Management System for Turbo Buick GN +T-Type
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TurboTweak ECUGN Standalone Engine Management System for Turbo Buick GN +T-Type

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Complete standalone ECU for the 84-87 Turbo Buicks, and 89 Pontiac Turbo TA.


  • Plugs into the factory harness
  • Gives you complete control of tuning
  • Based on the proven MS3Pro core and uses TunerStudio for tuning (license for TunerStudio MS Ultra included)
  • Built in 4 bar MAP sensor
  • Built in wideband O2 controller, comes with sensor and cable (bosch 4.9), starts wideband sensor heater only after engine start for improved life
  • Operates high or low impedance injectors
  • Use the stock ignition. Can use newer coilpacks or coil per plug with proper wiring.
  • On-board automatic datalogging
  • 2nd Built-in CPU with CAN communication and expanded Inputs/Outputs (10 analog inputs)
  • Flexfuel, Traction Control, Boost Control, Launch Control, Water/Meth Injection, antitheft, and much more!
  • Compatible with existing Scanmaster 2.2 or Scanmaster G gauge! (for SM 2.1, an upgrade chip can be supplied)

In the box: 

  • ECU
  • WB O2 sensor, cable, bung
  • USB communication cable
  • Software – TunerStudio Ultra included with custom screens
  • Startup tune


  • 1984-1987 Buick Turbo Regals, Grand Nationals, & 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am
  • Plugs directly into the stock ECM harness and location
  • Integrated 4-Bar MAP sensor, and full time barometric pressure sensor
  • Integrated digital wideband oxygen sensor controller, sensor and bung included (Bosch 4.9) 
  •  -communicates digitally to eliminate ground offsets and inaccuracies
  • Peak/Hold injector drivers for low or high impedance injectors
  • Sequential Injection (or semi-sequential, bank to bank if desired)
  • Controls stock Buick ignition, newer coilpacks, or coil per plug
  • Datastream output compatible with existing Scanmaster devices
  • Bluetooth or WIFI wireless capability (WIFI standard)
  • CNC Billet Aluminum Case
  • LED Indicators on case for troubleshooting
  • Easy connection terminal strip built in for expansion sensors
  • Expansion connector for optional harness (coil per plug, etc) 
  • Unused terminals in the stock harness are re-assigned for new input/output
  • Compatible with Caspers fuel/oil pressure sensor kit through EGR plug 
  • Speed density, VE based tuning (optional blending with Alpha-N, or MAF if desired)
  • Wideband O2 closed loop correction
  • Autotune feature (live or from log files) and long term fuel correction (adaptive)
  • Use original knock filter (ESC), or onboard knock processor
  • Per cylinder fuel injector correction
  • Per cylinder ignition timing correction
  • Flex Fuel Capability
  • Table switching
  • Internal automatic datalogging with 8GB SD card (or bigger), and external logging with laptop
  • Onboard real time clock, logs have proper date and time
  • 2-Step or 3-Step limiting (not with stock ignition module)
  • Traction control
  • Boost control (internal and external gates with CO2)
  • Nitrous control
  • Water/Alcohol injection control
  • Transbrake control
  • Fuel pump speed control
  • Many engine safety controls
  • Fuel pressure compensation
  • Built-in Optional Antitheft 

Standard Inputs: 
  • Crank (VR, Hall Effect, or Optical)
  • Cam (VR, Hall Effect, or Optical)
  • TPS
  • Coolant
  • Airtemp
  • MAP
  • Barometric pressure (separate full time)
  • Knock
  • A/C Request
  • Park/Neutral switch
  • 3rd gear and 4th gear from transmission
  • Oxygen sensor (built in wideband)
  • VSS mph (VR conditioned) 

Extra Unused Inputs: 
  • 10 Analog 0-5v inputs
  • 1 Frequency input for Flexfuel sensor (or MAF)
  • 1 Frequency input for auxiliary VSS (VR conditioned) – for traction control
  • 3 Digital (on/off) inputs, ground switched

Standard Outputs: 
  • 6 Peak/Hold Injectors – 4 amp
  • 6 Ignition outputs for coil per plug, or stock ignition or aftermarket coilpack
  • Fuel pump output (can do PWM speed control with solid state relay)
  • Idle control (IAC) stepper output (operates in closed loop like stock, or open loop)
  • Torque converter clutch (TCC) output (controlled by MPH, gear, load, TPS)
  • Air conditioning clutch control (ACC) (controlled by TPS, MPH, RPM, add IAC steps)
  • Canister purge control (currently configured as an optional output)
  • Wastegate solenoid control (closed loop or open loop, MPH or gear)
  • Radiator Fan control (controlled by MPH, TPS, coolant temp, add IAC steps)
  • Tachometer output
  • Service engine soon light
  • Wideband O2 diagnostic LED on case 

Extra Unused Outputs: 
  • Many outputs are configurable as on/off or pulsewidth modulated (PWM)
  • 4 high current outputs (5amp, on/off or PWM), ground switched
  • 2 PWM medium current outputs (3amp, on/off or PWM), ground switched
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