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TurboTweak v6.1 Wideband O2 Chip for Buick/TTA
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TurboTweak v6.1 Wideband O2 Chip for Turbo Buick V6 Cars, Adjustable

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Please allow a 7-10 Day Lead Time for Production.

This is a custom computer chip made by TurboTweak (v6.1) made to work with a Powerlogger and wideband O2 system. If a wideband is connected to the Powerlogger, the chip can run in closed loop at full throttle to keep the air/fuel ratio as close as possible to your target setting. Minimum 50lb injectors! See below for more details. There is a 7-10 day lead time on custom chips, so plan ahead!

Available For These Vehicles:

  • 86/87 Turbo Buick
  • 84/85 Buick with 86/87 ECM
  • 89 Turbo Trans Am

Street Chip: For use with pump gas (91-94 octane), and will also work with alcohol injection. 16-17psi boost in most cases (maybe a little lower with 91oct), WOT fuel will be set up for that boost level, around 18 degrees timing. May not pass emissions testing, but some people have done ok. This chip is not available for cars with the 84/85 ECM.

Alcohol Chip: For use with pump gas when alcohol injection is being used, timing is increased to around 21-23 degrees, boost is increased to the 20-25psi range, along with some other small tweaks to work better with the alcohol. Alcohol injection MUST be used with this chip. Excess knock will occur if the alcohol is turned off and you go to full boost. May not pass emissions testing, but some people have done ok.

Race chip: For use with race fuel only, NO alcohol injection, high timing around 26 degrees depending on octane and combo, more WOT fuel for high boost. I need to know what your goals are, what boost range you're going to run, and octane of the race fuel.

E85 chip: Minimum 50 lb. injectors required!

Specifications About Your Setup Needed When Ordering(Please Disclose in Notes):

  • Injector Type and Part Number(Be Specific):
  • Fuel Octane:
  • Turbo(Be Specific):
  • Intercooler:
  • Torque Converter:
  • Cylinder Head Specs:
  • Camshaft Specs:
  • Is your ECM Reading Correct MPH:
  • If Using Alky, Which Kit? How Many Nozzles?:
  • What Wideband System Do you have?
  • Intended Max Boost With this Chip(If this is a street chip, typical safe max boost for 93 octane is 16-18psi depending on the car and fuel quality on an 86/87 car. 84/85 cars are more like 11-14psi.):
  • 1/4 Mile E.T. Goals With this Chip:

DESCRIPTION: Adjustable chip that MUST be used with a Powerlogger, and can make corrections to the air/fuel ratio based on wideband readings. You must have a wideband O2 system connected to your Powerlogger to use the closed loop full throttle control. Not for injectors smaller than 50lb!The chip still uses the stock O2 for all the low end stuff, idle, cruising.

The available user adjustments at this time are:

  1. WOT A/F Ratio - 1st/2nd gear
  2. WOT A/F Ratio - 3rd/4th gear
  3. Mid Boost A/F Ratio - all gears (part throttle)
  4. Base WOT fuel
  5. Spark Timing Offset - 1st/2nd gear
  6. Spark Timing Offset - 3rd/4th gear
  7. WOT TCC Lock MPH
  8. Base Mid Boost fuel (3 to 14psi)

The chip is calibrated specifically for certain widebands, so we need to know if you have a LC-1, PLX, etc. There are some widebands that I don't have calibrations for yet. 
Basically, the chip works like the TurboTweak 5.7 chip, except there are more adjustable features. It also can read the wideband reading from the Powerlogger and do corrections. In the chip, you have three target A/F adjustments, mid boost (3-14psi), WOT 1/2 gear, WOT 3/4 gear. If you set an A/F of 11.5, it will try to maintain that as best it can based on info from your wideband. You have to make sure your wideband is working properly so you don't get false info (garbage in, garbage out as they say). The program can add up to 33% fuel, and subtract 10% fuel to maintain the A/F. You can adjust the base WOT fuel to keep the correction inside the "window". They've limited the subtraction to 10% so it can't get too crazy pulling fuel if something wrong happens.

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