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Viking Performance VRF211-150 Rear Coil Over Kit Double Adjustable 93-02 F-Body Camaro +TA
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Viking Performance VRF211-150 Rear Coil Over Kit Double Adjustable 93-02 F-Body Camaro +TA

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We make your car launch harder, handle better, and look cooler! We do it by building the highest quality double adjustable shocks per dollar in the industry.  Viking double adjustable shocks allow you to independently adjust the softness or firmness of compression and rebound. Lightweight aluminum twin-tube design with a sleek clear anodized finish. Perfect for street or drag set ups.  Shocks / coil overs  made with high quality material and in the U.S.A


  • Adjustment knobs: Labeled with a “C” for compression and an “R” for rebound with distinctive clicks. The triple adjustable also has a 1/8" hex for high-speed compression adjustment.
  • By not offering non-adjustable or single adjustable, Viking is able to maximize stroke for each body length, ensuring you get the most travel out of your shock or strut.
  • Aluminum, precision machined piston with a deflective disc and a P.T.F.E. / bronze piston seal.
  • Hard chrome plated, centerless ground piston rod (shocks utilize a 5/8" rod; struts utilize a 7/8" rod).
  •  All shocks and struts can be rebuilt or revalved by the Viking factory or any authorized rebuilder. 
  • In bearing mount shocks, Viking uses stainless steel bearing races, not inexpensive nylon race bearings like some competing brands.
  • Left hand threads between the base and the body ensures that the shock/strut doesn’t come apart when adjusting the ride height, as can occur
  • with certain other brands.
  • Two year materials and workmanship warranty.
  • Each shock and strut is hand built, tested, and serialized in our Lakeville, Minnesota factory.
  • All shocks come with instructions on how to adjust shocks for your drive style. 
  • 0-2 " Drop height
  • 150 lbs spring 
  • coil over kit
  • Spanner wrench and thrust bearing kit sold separate
  • Fitment 93-02 F-Body
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