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Walbro Inline 255LPH High Performance Fuel Pump Kit
  • SKU: 834-GSL392

Walbro Inline 255LPH High Performance Fuel Pump Kit

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Fuel Pump Part #: GSL392
Installation Kit Part #: 400-939

This item is for one Brand New Authentic Universal Walbro GSL392 255LPH High Pressure Inline Fuel Pump. Pushing a whopping 255 liters of fuel per hour at high pressure, these pumps are extremely popular upgrades to vehicles with engine and performance modifications, supporting up to 650 horse power. For example, at 80 PSI the standard 255 lph pump will flow around 132 liters (35 gallons) per hour. At that same 80 PSI the equivalent HP (high pressure) fuel pump will flow over 210 liters (50 gallons) per hour.

This is a universal inline fuel pump which mounts outside of your gas tank for the extreme automotive enthusiast. It can be used in series with other inline fuel pumps or an in tank fuel pump. Many Porches and Mercedes use this inline pump as their stock OEM fuel pump. It is very important that you send a lot more fuel than necessary towards your engine as the flow of the returned fuel helps cool down engine components and your gas tank. Universal installation kit, brackets, and instructions included. (pictured below) If you are building a high-performance fuel-injected machine and don't want to install an intank pump or are using a fuel cell, an inline pump is the way to go. They can operate at much higher pressures than the intanks for higher HP support. This is the biggest pump that Walbro makes.

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