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WORK Turbochargers S45E-8588 Billet Wheel Turbo, Rated at 1600 HP
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WORK Turbochargers S45E-8588 Billet Wheel Turbo, Rated at 1600 HP

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The WORK S45E-8588 features our high latest compressor cover design that supports more airflow and higher efficiency over our smaller S4E counterpart.  The 85mm compressor wheel is 5 axis machined from billet aluminum and features a clean sheet of paper design that compliments the 96/88mm turbine wheel perfectly.  Rated to 1600 HP in a single application, this unit is perfect for your single turbo LS, Coyote or Hemi!  Our S4 series of turbochargers are based on genuine BorgWarner S400 architecture allowing them to bolt into place of any existing S400 hotside kits. Each unit is assembled using our premium hydro-dynamic bearing structure featuring our proven 360° billet thrust group for durability.  3 stage balancing ensures a quiet, long life and the gloss black bearing housing coating will keep your turbo looking great for years to come.  This unit is right at home on a single turbo build looking to make efficient power without higher boost pressures or a twin turbo big block build needing a fast spooling 3000 HP capable pair of turbochargers.  Call us today with any questions, we will be happy to help!

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